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Thursday, June 01, 2006




posted by Hong at 3:49 PM

Wednesday, September 19, 2001


I was reading up on the history of Afganistan in the last three decades. You've all heard the rash outcry, "let bomb them back to the Stone Age." Well, guess what, the Afganis already have been bombed to the Stone Age--thanks to the Russian invasion back in the 80's. The people in that country are extremely poor due to twenty years of continuous war incited by foreign powers. They can't even feed themselves because armies are constantly destroying the land and terrorizing the people.

Now with American rage directly at Bin Laden, the Afganis are in even more trouble. They are fleeing their homes to seek refuge in neighboring countries who won't accept them. Aid workers have all pulled out. And most troublesome of all, Western powerful probably will not allow humanitarian aid to reach these refugees, out of the fear that some of them support the Taliban and terrorists.

So here comes the sad, sad journey of Afganis populace, one week after the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center:


1) The Irish news agency RTE did a great report and analysis of Afganistan's troubles. Watch the video clip "Prime Time special" to really understand the plight of these people.

2) has the latest news reports about this refugee crisis

3) Concern, an international NGO, is trying to feed the Afganis; the U.N. estimates that 5.5 million face starvation by November

4) Refugees International issues a statement on the need to distinguish Afganis from the terrorist acts of Bin Laden

posted by Hong at 11:32 PM


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